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Henri De Veene

Me, Henri

This is me, Henri. I'm currently 27 years old and travelling. I left Belgium in September 2015 to travel "The World". Or at least a part of it.

In the years prior to this trip I got interested in over land travel and hitchhiking. But I also realised that that if I wanted to see and experience much of the world I needed not to be constrained. So I decided to set off on a long trip, thus eliminating the time contraint, and to travel on a budget, elimination the money contraint. I hitchhike, couchsurf, (wild)camp, eat local, ...

I will use this website to show where I am (maybe with a short delay), where I have been and where I might go. When I find the time (and internet) I will also write about my experiences and impressions of the places I visited.

"One special meeting beats visiting a thousand tourist attractions." -- Uncle Paul

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